Recruit Training


Firefighters are required to complete training that certifies them to perform as both a firefighter and an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT). All recruits must successfully complete the following components of our recruit training program:

Hampton Roads Recruit Fire Academy (HRRFA)

HRRFA is a 16 week formal fire training academy running Monday through Friday. This academy will challenge the recruit both physically and mentally. Upon successful completion the recruit will graduate with the certifications necessary to perform both interior and exterior firefighting, among other supporting certifications. 

If you have completed a daytime career Fire Training Academy in Virginia other than HRRFA, our staff will evaluate your academy based on our established criteria to determine if you will need to attend HRRFA.


Virginia Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)

Successful completion of the AEMT course is required for all recruits. If you already possess an EMS certification from another state or National Registry, please contact our recruiter to discuss reciprocity.

CPR1Field Training Medic Program

Once assigned to operations, all EMS providers (AEMT, Intermediate and Paramedic) are assigned to a field training medic. Our field training medics, along with support from the Operations, EMS and Training divisions, will guide each recruit through the process of completing their operational training. This process can be intense and will require each recruit to be able to focus and rely on their training and experience to be successful.

The information provided above serves as a brief overview of the recruit training program. Multiple orientations, operational readiness and skills reviews and daily physical training are also an integral part of a recruit's training. If you have not begun the process of becoming mentally and physical fit, start today!

Certification Incentives

We increase base salaries of employees by $3,000 for the certification and operational release as a Virginia Intermediate. Base salaries of employees are increased by $6,000 for the certification and operational release as a Virginia Paramedic. These salary increases are provided regardless of firefighter career ladder level.

Tuition reimbursement programs exist with intermediate and paramedic courses generally meeting the criteria. Reimbursement for qualified courses is available for up to $5,250 each fiscal year. Staff can also assist EMS students with other potential scholarship opportunities.