General Services Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2017 Overview

From Grace Boone, General Services Director

FY2017 was a very productive and exciting year for General Services (GS). As I reviewed this report of all the things we have accomplished this past year, it is clear that teamwork, not only among the GS staff but spanning this organization as a whole, requires extensive collaboration.

We focused on the Strategic Plan as one of our top priorities, as in some way, shape or form we support each and every one of the 7 goals. Through a series of meetings, we engaged all GS staff members which enabled us to capture views from every perspective. We needed each staff member to understand the value of their work within the department as well as supporting the County as a whole. This has resulted in better communication and collaboration between divisions. We will use this tool in our daily work, as well as into the future.

We are also in the planning phases of replacing our software, which currently spans multiple databases. This process started in FY2017 and will continue into FY2019. The new software will improve work flows, enhance collaboration between departments, asset tracking, provide an improved customer request interface and an online citizen portal.

Furthermore, we wanted to showcase all of the great things GS is involved in, letting people know who we are and what we do. With the support of County Administration and the Communications Department, we developed a video “General Services: Supporting the County Inside and Out” showcasing how each division in GS supports the overall County mission:

Finally, I want to thank those of you who took the time to complete our customer survey, we appreciate your feedback. This information helps us plan ways to better serve you. I am extremely proud to work among the fine staff in this department.

General Services Customer Survey

The core business of GS is to provide service in construction management and to maintain the County’s assets. In order to continuously monitor and improve our service, each year we conduct a survey of our customers. The results are reviewed and the information incorporated into both our daily functions and our future planning. Comments have made a difference in how we develop our operating budget and shift our resources to better meet County needs and expectations. The survey results from the past 3 years are illustrated below:

Survey Responses

Best Urban BMPBest Urban BMP

The Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award (BUBBA) contest recognizes the best urban BMPs that have been installed in the Chesapeake Bay region. In 2017 the Stormwater Division received first place honors in the "Best BMP Retrofit" category for their work on the James Terrace Water Quality Improvement Project. The project addresses significant storm runoff impacting the existing James Terrace neighborhood, reducing pollutants and improving water quality for the area.

Capital Projects

  • Completed 11 projects including Fire Station 1, James River Elementary School and the Jolly Pond Convenience Center, highlighted below
  • Currently there are a total of 25 active projects with a combined total estimated project cost of $15.4 million
  • FY2017 saw the addition of 3 new state-funded stormwater improvements projects, bringing the total to 6 in the past 2 years

On-Time Completion Percentages

Fire Station #1

Fire Station 1Originally built upon the former Toano High School site, the new station consists of 21,791 square feet of space consisting of 5 pull-through bays, built-in training facilities, new administrative offices and space for community meetings. Additionally, the site includes a new training tower, relocated fuel station for better access and an improved on-site stormwater management system. The project was designed and constructed for U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver Certification.

James River Elementary School

James River Elementary SchoolThe project, located in the headwaters of Grices Run, consisted of the stabilization of an intermittent stream channel to reduce erosion and the installation of a bioretention stormwater facility to improve stormwater runoff quality. The new facility will provide significant water quality benefits and contribute to meeting the County’s permit obligations for the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (CBTMDL) requirements.

Jolly Pond Convenience Center

Jolly Pond Convenience CenterImprovements included correcting drainage issues in the vegetative debris drop-off area, the construction of a new retaining wall that allows customers to drop off debris directly into metal containers and landscaping along the Center’s road frontage on Jolly Pond Road. Previous upgrades included the creation of a new BMP downstream utilizing existing site features to comply with new Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) mandates.


  1. Facilities Maintenance
  2. Grounds Maintenance
  3. Fleet & Equipment
  4. Solid Waste
  5. Stormwater
  6. Energy Management

GenServs_0004_Layer 2

  • The amount of space maintained by General Services has grown to over 520,000 square feet
  • Work orders generated in FY2017 for facilities and Grounds totaled 7,080
  • 88% of customer-driven work orders were completed on-time
  • Oversaw the completion of numerous projects, including the renovation of Palmer 1 for Voter Registration, the Guest Services Office located at Little Creek Reservoir Park and HVAC upgrades at the James City County Recreation Center

Maintaining County Assets

Maintaining County facilities, land, vehicles and other assets is a continuously growing responsibility. GS currently maintains over 520,000 square feet of building space, over 450 acres of public grounds (including 15 school campuses) and 100 acres of athletic fields (including the Warhill Sports Complex) in order to assist in maintaining the County’s recognized high quality of life and safe environment for both employees and citizens alike.

FY2017 also saw an increase in the number of stormwater treatment facilities maintained by the County, now at 114. This number also includes roughly 14 miles of storm pipe. 

Additionally, GS currently maintains approximately 1,000 vehicles and specialized equipment, including those for Fire/EMS and Police.

Building Square Footage Maintained by General Services

Facilities and Grounds Work Orders Completed On Time

County-Owned Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Keep James City County Beautiful

Keep James City County Beautiful was established in FY2017 to expand volunteer recruitment and public partner ships in the areas of litter prevention, recycling and green space beautification.