Repair Fair

Did your 1-year-old vacuum stop working and it’s too late to return? Did the zipper on your favorite jacket break? Does your bike tire keep deflating? The Clean County Commission is launching a Repair Fair in May! In an effort to reduce what goes to the landfill – the Repair Fair, allows residents to bring lightly broken items to be fixed by local volunteers. 

The fair will help mend items such as clothing items, jewelry, small appliances, bicycles and more! We are looking for volunteer "Fixers" to help citizens repair their salvageable items. If you have a special skill – sewing, jewelry repair, electrical, mechanical, technological, etc. and are interested in helping your neighbors, please fill out the form below.

Selected Fixers will receive a monetary stipend for their time. Many tools and supplies will be available to use onsite. Fixers will be appropriately spaced out in a large indoor space. We ask that all participants, volunteers, fixers and staff wear a face covering and keep a safe distance from one another. All items will need to be registered in advance, with pictures and a detailed description so the proper supplies may be acquired. 

NOTICE: This event is free to registered participants. 

The event hosts do not warrant any of the repairs, are not liable for any damage to or loss of property, and participation is at the risk of the participants.



Fixer Interest Form

Are you interested in attending? This event is open to James City County residents only. To ensure that the proper tools and supplies are present to fix your item, please fill out the form below to register your item and provide a detailed description of the repair needed.

Repairable Item Interest Form