Out-of-State Lateral Transfers

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Virginia's "Option 5" Out-of-State Lateral Program

Program Overview

Beginning in 2022, several academies have partnered with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to host the "Option 5" Out-of-State Lateral Program. This program is for former out-of-state, federal, and military law enforcement officers who meet eligibility requirements and have been approved for a partial training waiver. The Fairfax County Criminal Justice Training Academy, Virginia Beach Police Department Law Enforcement Training Academy, and Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy have agreed to partner with DCJS to host lateral transfers. An out-of-state law enforcement applicant with the James City County Police will request an Option 5 training waiver once a conditional offer of employment is made. Note: program availability depends on classes offered at a partner training academy.

Approval Process

  1. Initial Inquiry: Agencies interested in an out-of-state candidate must contact their field representative for eligibility status.
  2. Submission Requirements: Upon hire, agencies submit a Form W-2 and notarized release of information and employment/training history of the officer to their DCJS Field Representative.
  3. Verification and Waiver: DCJS verifies the applicant's employment and training history, granting the Option 5 waiver upon confirmation of meeting eligibility criteria.
  4. Program Enrollment: Upon receiving the approval of Option 5, the officer applicant may enroll in the Option 5 Out-of-State Lateral Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Out-of-state law enforcement officers seeking employment with James City County must meet the eligibility outlined in the job description. Additionally, candidates seeking to qualify for the Option 5 program must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 years/36 months continuous law enforcement experience commensurate with those of a Virginia law enforcement officer.
  • Not out of law enforcement employment for more than 24 months and in good standing with former employers.
  • Must meet all requirements of 15.2-1705 Code of Virginia.
  • Must meet the eligibility listed on the Police Officer Job Description (PDF).

Offers of employment will be contingent on the successful completion of a thorough background investigation including:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Psychological profile assessment
  • Polygraph examination
  • Physical examination with a drug test

Learn more about employment with the James City County Police by clicking here.

How to Apply

Visit James City County's Career Center to apply:

  1. Complete Your Profile: Ensure all fields and tabs in the application form are thoroughly completed.
  2. Submit Your Application: Only fully completed applications will be considered.

Applicants are encouraged to include a cover letter, resume, and other complementary documents in their profile. Additional instructions on completing the application can be found by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest in the James City County Police Department!