Disabled Veteran Exemptions

Vehicle Exemption
Individuals who are disabled veterans, who are considered permanently and totally disabled by the Veterans Administration, may be exempt from taxation on 1 motor vehicle. Documentation of the disability should be submitted along with an Disabled Veterans Exemption Application (PDF) indicating which vehicle the veteran wishes to have exempted.

Real Estate Exemption

Any veteran who has been rated to have a 100% permanent and total disability by the Veteran’s Administration is eligible to receive an exemption for the real estate tax on the real property, including property jointly owned by husband and wife, used as his principal residence. This exemption also applies to certain surviving spouses of qualifying veterans who remain in the home and do not remarry.

Surviving spouses of military personnel killed in action may also qualify for tax relief.

The Application for Disabled Veterans Real Estate Exemption (PDF) should be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue and include a copy of the VA Benefits Information Letter documenting the qualifying disability.