Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to James City County

We are delighted you have chosen to share your talent and skills with our organization.

New Hire Forms

Complete and print the following new hire forms. Bring these forms and the required documentation for the direct deposit form (voided check OR a letter from your bank(s)) AND Form I-9 (see page 9 of Form I-9 for listing) to the Human Resource Department:

Pay Schedules

  • Salaried employees are paid semi-monthly on the 14th and 28th of the month.
  • Hourly employees are paid according to the Payroll Schedule (PDF).

Prepare for Benefits Orientation*

If you are new full-time employee:

  1. Review the Full-Time Benefits Booklet (PDF) and Health and Dental Benefits Comparison Chart (PDF)
  2. Bring dependents information including Social Security Numbers and dates of birth to your scheduled benefits orientation

If you are a new part-time employee (authorized to work 780 or more hours per year):

  1. Review the Part-Time Benefits Booklet (PDF)
  2. Complete and bring the Part-Time Benefits Checklist (PDF) to your scheduled benefits orientation

*Newly hired Temporary and On-Call employees are not eligible for benefits. Should eligibility requirements be met under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance information will be provided.

*Benefits offered vary depending on place of work. For example, the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and the Clerk of the Circuit Court do not participate in the County's Leave Program. Exceptions will be explained during benefits orientation.