Will I need any other permits after my rezoning is approved?
Even with a rezoning, you may still need a special use permit from the Board of Supervisors to allow a certain use on a property. You may also need to submit a site plan or subdivision construction plan, which are processes handled by the Planning Division. You may also need a building permit. Contact the Building Safety and Permits Division at 757-253-6626 to get information about applying for building permits. It is possible to have a site plan and a building drawing reviewed concurrently, but a building permit will not be issued until final site plan approval has been obtained.

If clearing, grading, and/or installing utilities will be involved, you will need to contact the Engineering and Resource Protection Division at 757-253-6670 for a land disturbing permit. Other than a land disturbing permit and building permit, a Health Department permit is required for plans proposing septic tanks and/or wells. Developments with sewage pumping stations or well facilities also require approval from the State Health Department. If any kind of Health Department permit is required, you will have to submit plans to both the Planning Division and the Health Department. Call the Health Department at 757-253-4813 for more information.

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