What is the procedure?
Prior to the Planning Commission meeting, staff will review your application by making a site inspection and verifying the information on your application for compliance with County codes and ordinances. Staff will consider the impact of the proposed development on surrounding land uses and public welfare. Staff will also consider the master plan’s compatibility with the County's Comprehensive Plan (provide link to Comp Plan). Additional County and State agencies will review and comment on your proposal. Based on these comments, some changes may need to be made on the development proposal. When all comments are received and addressed by the applicant, staff will incorporate them into a report for the Planning Commission. You will receive a copy of the staff report in advance of the Planning Commission meeting. Read more on the Master Plan page.

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1. What is a master plan?
2. When can I submit an application?
3. How long will it take to process my application?
4. What is the procedure?
5. If my application is denied, can I appeal the Board of Supervisors’ decision?
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