What is a rezoning?

James City County designates all land to one of the 15 zoning districts outlined in the Zoning Ordinance. Certain land uses are allowed in each district, and the rules governing each zoning district vary.

Sometimes, a parcel of land must have its zoning district designation changed to develop or use that land in a certain fashion. The process of changing a parcel's zoning district is called a rezoning. The rezoning procedure helps the Planning Division, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors take a closer look at a zoning change. This includes the proposed zone's compatibility with existing zones, surrounding development, and the County Comprehensive Plan.

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1. What is a rezoning?
2. When can I submit an application?
3. How long will it take to process my application?
4. What is the procedure for obtaining a rezoning?
5. Will I need any other permits after my rezoning is approved?
6. If my application is denied, can I appeal the Board of Supervisors' decision?
7. If my application is denied, can I try again at a later time?
8. How long is the rezoning valid?
9. Can a special use permit be processed at the same time as a rezoning application?